You Said It's Not Cheating if I Take a Video of It

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Hey babe, I have something to tell you. Today at work I had an assignment with that new hire. You know, the young black guy who I said was really cute. Well, today we were setting up the display room and since it was just us we got to talking. The talking got a little flirtatious...and I ended up getting naked in front of him when he challenged me by guessing what I looked like under my clothes. After that I pulled his cock out and we fucked. I know, I know...but hear me said that it's not cheating if I take a video of it. Well, it just so happens that I did. Do you want to see it? I love for you to enjoy it. I'll suck your cock? Wow, you really seem to like watching me fuck black guys. Well he did cum inside me. So I think we're going to have to just have you stick to blow jobs for a while as we wait and see.